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Show Series Rules

Please review all rules before you participate in a Sea Island Show Series horse show. These rules are intended to ensure we maintain a safe and fun environment for all involved - Rider, horse and spectator. 

  • Approved Helmets are required for anyone mounted at the Equestrian Center.
  • Negative Coggins must be on file or provided before unloading
  • An open check must be received prior to showing and all fees must be closed with show office at the end of the show.
  • Dogs must be on a leash/restrained at all times.
  • Do not block entrances or driveways to barns.
  • Following unloading, trailers must be parked in trailer parking area 
  • Lunge only in designated areas and never on ring surfaces
  • Walk Only class reserved for riders 10 and under
  • Two competitors must be entered in a class for a Champion and Reserve Champion to be awarded
  • To be eligible for End of Year Award a competitor must have competed in at least two shows.
  • All judges decisions are final
  • Registration - Per Class - $15.00
  • Registration - Medals Class - Per Class $20.00
  • Registration - Derby - Per Class $35.00
  • Grounds and Office Fee - Per Horse One Day $35.00
  • Grounds and Office Fee - Per Horse Two Day $50.00 
  • Shavings - Per Bag $10.00
  • One Day Stall Rental $50.00
  • Two Day Stall Rental 70.00 
  • Vendor Space $30.00
  • Night Camper Per Night $45.00
  • Tent Camping $20.00 per night
  • No Show Fee - Per Horse - $30.00
* All overnight camping 13.5% accommodations tax
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